Cusco, Peru 2016 (Extras)

Extra photos from my trip to Cusco, Peru in the summer of 2016. Click these links to read the stories I wrote for Cusco: Cusco, Peru Cusco, Peru: The Market I took these photos with a Canon G15 series. These photos range from a Inca archaeological site to the main square in the center of […]

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Cusco, Peru: The Market

Check out last weeks blog here! There’s something to say about the senses as I write this with the nostalgia felt months ago in the Andean valley of Cusco. I still find myself dumbfounded by what I perceived in those moments, in the wake of sensory overload. I drift back into these experiences held in […]

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Cusco, Peru

Check out last weeks blog here! We sat on a bench in the petite courtyard of the hostel, arriving after twenty-two hours aboard a bus from Lima. A dozen pigeons roosted above us, chip-chirping to us, themselves, and whomever wished to join. They sang to our muddled minds, our drained bodies, yet encouraged me to […]

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Miraflores, Lima, Peru

Check out last week’s blog here! I couldn’t sleep a wink last night, and it wasn’t over a silly fight. No, Sinatra would have to sit this one out. It was 7:12 A.M, and the past four nights had led to this. Each night, I’d count the minutes away as I laid awake, restless, in […]

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