A Week on Kilimanjaro

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In August 2015, I set off to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

As the largest mountain in Africa, at it’s peak it stands at 5,895m–almost 20,000 feet.

The following pictures were lost and then salvaged from an old “Point and Shoot” Kodak Easyshare Touch M577. Some of these pictures were then touched up and edited.


The climb took my group seven days total, and on our last day we hiked from Midnight to the summit until seven in the evening the following day.

The trek was easily the hardest feat I’ve ever accomplished.


An interesting observation whilst hiking up are the many ecosystems within the Kilimanjaro region.

The hiker will experience the following: Cultivation, Jungle, Heather, Moorland, Alpine Desert, and Summit.


After the second day of hiking we remained above the clouds. However, it was shortly after taking these pictures my camera malfunctioned and never worked properly again.


However, I did keep a GoPro with me as well.

Here is some footage from that.



4 thoughts on “A Week on Kilimanjaro

  1. Brennen,this is an outstanding photographic display of ecosystems and an impressive physical accomplishment by you and your group. And yesterday’s lasagna looked downright edible.

  2. The pictures are Beautiful . Your journeys never seem to amaze me .
    Watching you grow throughout the years , who would’ve ever thought you would be here at this point in your life .

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