AWMP: Acceptance

Acceptance \ik-ˈsep-tən(t)s, ak-\ n.

  1. The act of accepting something or someone. 2.  The quality or state of being accepted or acceptable.

No worries, this isn’t a definition essay from my expository writing course.

No, I need to discuss acceptance. An intrusive word, a meaning, popping up when speaking about myself, my past, my behavior, and especially, now, for my writing. I didn’t know it, but I write with the intention to be accepted. At least, this is what I’m being told.

No, I’m afraid there is something I need to say before I continue this blog,

fuck acceptance.

Another White Male Perspective isn’t my attempt to condone the person I am, or who I have become through my experiences. In fact, I want to say this now, some of these posts will be fabricated.

“Wait, that isn’t how non-fiction works,” the readers said, confused.

No, see. I’m the author. I have the ability to write whatever I want in order to increase the interest of the word vomit I spew onto the internet. Interesting concept, eh?

So, what is Another White Male Perspective?

Okay, kids, gather ‘round. AWMP is a flash fiction concept, a narrative. Since 2011, I’ve been able to save as much money as possible over a course of a year and travel for long periods of time, whether by myself, with a friend, relative, or lover. From these experiences, I’ve accumulated a series of stories, good and bad. Some of these stories will make me, the author, look like a steaming pile of shit. Some of these stories will hopefully just be one concept, fun to read.

However, I am not writing these for my audience to accept me. In fact, I’ve never lived my life in the eyes of my peers.

So why start now?

If I wanted to be accepted, I wouldn’t have stayed in while my friends spent their paychecks at the bars downtown.

If I wanted people to feel bad for me, I wouldn’t have backpacked Europe for the third time.

Finally, if I ever needed validation, I would find it in my accomplishments. I’d find it in the times where I wanted to give up, in the moments where I completed the impossible, in the people I look up to and respect. Not through an attempt to be accepted through a blog no one reads.

I’m not writing this blog for anyone but myself.


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